Defending your online as well as offline privacy, user files, Data files, images and videos with is very essential in a day to day life because everything is online with technology. A user will require a high security and protection for the respective files user is working on. Antivirus protection it is the most security which is applicable and required to every user around the globe because no one wants to compromise their privacy with World Wide Web. If a cyber criminal find out your private data it starts infecting your computer, might have brought your computer and devices down, block you from accessing all your private stuff as well as your own computer. AP cyber criminal can run various codes if he finds out whether your computer is not protected.  and the cyber criminal can now ask for ransom as well with your private data. 2018 is full of ransomware Cyber criminals to hacking every computer which defines out low on security and starts acquiring their data files as well as the business and commercial files. So now they are eligible to ask ransom and due to circumstances user face the ransom what the cyber criminal ask for. So for all this activity to stop, I will recommend you a good antivirus product for you so that you can be safe online as well as offline from every kind of Cyber criminal available to hack you.McAfee offers a good security towards their uses, it won’t allow any cyber criminal accessing your computer because it contains a good and upgraded Malware database so that no one can access your computer without your knowledge information. Maxi offer the various product for various requirement such as McAfee Total Protection McAfee Antivirus Plus McAfee LiveSafe. Visit to download and activate mcafee.

Activation of McAfee, as well as a complete security detail, is mentioned below to help every McAfee user protection and security.

 Guidelines to download McAfee security

Choose the correct McAfee product as per your requirement. You need to choose the product very wisely with acquiring a good knowledge and information about your computer privacy as well as your device is privacy you need to be precise with what your security needs to be where you need a most secure application to be. So for all this protection, you need to choose a right McAfee product as per your requirement.

Follow The below steps to download McAfee antivirus security:

  •  www.Mcafee.Com/activate this is the right place to visit for your activation
  •  Now go on to your my account popping at the top right-hand side make a click on login
  •  Make sure to enter the correct details which the page is asking for your email address or password and then click on login tab.
  •  If you are a new user to McAfee anti-virus solution then you need to create a new fresh account for yourself to get benefits for years and years so for that click on sign up
  •  Once you sign up you will receive a screen, read and accept to the with respective subscription you are acquiring make a click on download for respective device you need to get protected.
  •  Agree to the license and the pop-ups which are coming over the screen and complete the full installation now you need to go.

Steps for McAfee Installation:

  1. Once you have the McAfee setup file into your PC installation is very simple for McAfee product.
  2. Click next and so now to start the installation you need to make a click on the downloaded setup file in the download folders of your internet browser. On-screen instructions
  3. Click next on 2 the screen and follow their respective instruction properly
  4. Enter the respective 25 digit code which you have with your retail card and properly
  5.  Follow the procedure and you are ready to go.

Steps for McAfee Activation.

  • So for CD and DVD used the instruction they are different as per the online user they need to install McAfee differently full staff below is the instruction for online installation and activation.
  • For activation McAfee total protection or any McAfee product, you need to visit the link which is given on your McAfee retail card.
  • Select your country and your language preference.
  • Enter the activation code which is given on your retail card and enter your registered email address to click send and verified it correctly
  • So now McAfee activation free online process is completed.
  • And for some reason if you have bought the McAfee product from online store switches Amazon then you will receive your 25 digit activation code onto your email address which you have provided at the time of purchasing.
  • Visit link to activate mcafee.

During the installation downloading and activation process of your McAfee product if you face any kind of issue,you can contact McAfee customer support on their the United States and the United Kingdom toll-free number for respective countries. If you need a good technical expert to increase your knowledge and information you can also contact our free independent technical expert to help you with activation installation and other related issues with your computer.